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Team GMT 94

Independant team from its begining, the structure of the GMT94 has evolved under the responsibility of Christophe Guyot. As a rider until 2004, Christophe has managed to surround himself with a team made up of professionals and volunteers. Beyond competition, the GMT94 follows a second great objective: to turn racing into a tool for the development of new projects in favor of bikers and young people


The team has been built around a hard core made up of Christophe Guyot, Michel Guerre, Brigitte Guyot, Benoît Poupardin and Sébastien Carré. The GMT94 team is composed of men and women, all volunteers, who give most of their time to this exceptional human adventure. The GMT94 has not followed a common, typical development scheme. In the beginning the team was 100% private and then was able to develop itself with the arrival of Yamaha France as a partner in 2003. It is today the official Yamaha Racing team in Endurance World Championship.



Hosting trainees, working in the classroom, assisting students orientation, welcoming people visiting bike shows, fairs or exhibitions: their activities are very varied.


As part of the partnership with ATTITUDE PREVENTION (an association of French insurers), Christophe GUYOT is the sponsor of the CRS / ATTITUDE PREVENTION Road Trail, a national initiation to driving two-wheelers and risk prevention road.



Patrick Jacquot, Chairman of the Mutuelle des Motards, and Christophe Guyot, have submitted a file called " Open les circuits ". The FFM has taken it over which offers bikers many Open Days. The Mutuelle des Motards and the GMT94 will keep on working in this direction in 2016 to extend practice to everybody.


"JOURNEES FRISSONS " (thrill days)

Since their creation, the GMT94 has elaborated a true organization to give an ever wider public the opportunity to experience some rare moments. These activities are wholly prepared by the racing team, the team manager, the mechanics, the riders as well as the volunteers. One of the greatest moments remains the contact between the fans of motorsport who are offered a unique opportunity to meet the actors of the race. For each of the participants, the two-up sessions may last just a few minutes but every of them have confessed it is a moment they'll never forget.



Every year since it has been in existence, upon the initiative of the Val-de-Marne Conceal General, the GMT94 together with numerous other associations take part in the preparation and animation of the day in favor of the Ivry citizens in difficulty before the Christmas period.

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